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Full Face and Neck Balaclava. Suitable a range of outdoor activities. Ideal for Riding, Hunting, Climbing, Snowboarding, Skiing and a host of other winter sports. Protect the face and neck, soft material, comfortable to wear, prevents breathing dust, lower neckline can be sealed to prevent cold wind to enter, effective thermal effect. Nose and mouth cover has ventilation holes. Suitable for motorcycles, bicycles, skiing, hiking and other outdoor, extreme sports enthusiasts.

Windproof, anti-dust and anti-fog, all-in-1 function
Unisex styling, ideal for both men and women
Available in a range of colours
Stretchy fleece material one size fits all
This face mask is made from ultra-fine fleece which insulates the head and neck without interrupting the air flow

Product Details:

•    Ultra-fine fleece insulates the head and neck

•    Highly breathable with air flow nose and mouth cover

•    One universal size (57cm-59cm)

•    Unisex

•    Features plastic windproof guard front piece 

•    Dimension: 38(front)*32(back) cm

•    Net weight: 65 g

•    Material:

            Fleece Body - 100% Polyester

            Neoprene Trim - 82% Nylon + 18% spandex

            Front Guard - PVC Plastic

Care Instructions:

1. Gently hand wash; Do not machine wash, rinse heavily or wring out. Dry naturally; Do not tumble dry.